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   Worlds: Rodon

World Data
Control: Rodon Progression: Rodon starting world, all progression, first borderland contested region Galaxy: Ioxino 10-C Diameter: 18,328 km
Overview of Rodon

Once a vassal colony of the Salent, Rodon is now free thanks to the Rodon army (one of the most feared forces in the universe). The original species of Rodon that the Salent discovered here centuries ago still roam the world, and are as strong and ferocious as ever. The Rodon support mining of many planets throughout the universe, but in a seemingly primitive act they still actively mine Rodon itself from their capital city of Gath Morgus.


Most of Rodon is temperate and would be considered extremely hospitable if it were not for the aggressive and dangerous creatures that exist in overabundance.

Key Areas
  • Gath Azod - This elevated city is built around an enormous "world drill".
  • Gath Morgus - The capital city of Rodon, its construction is similar to Gath Azod, however its drill is active.
  • Zar's Tomb - This imposing monolithic tomb rests in the basin of a canyon. Many Rodons have tried to find an entrance in order to recover the body of the legendary Zar. Constructed and sealed long ago by the Salent themselves, no one truly knows what lies inside.
  • Sumon Jungles - These lush jungles are composed of the thickest vegetation on Rodon.
  • Temple of Atra - The Rodon still respect the power of this temple enough to leave it in peace. Long thought abandoned, on calm nights distant chanting can be heard deep within the bowels of this ancient structure.
  • Voresh - At the base of Gath Morgus lies the scorched and ravaged land called Voresh. Many of the planetary sentinel towers have been rendered useless due to the mining of the area. The Salent and Humans have taken advantage of this by penetrating the defenses and establishing strategic bases, and this will be the first area a Rodon will encounter the player-controlled enemy factions.