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The Universe - Salent

Brief History:

Genetic experiments conducted centuries ago on the planet Rodon produced an ultra-powerful Rodon who called himself "Zar". It took the full might of the Salent High Council to subdue Zar and his genetically engineered followers. The aftermath of this battle caused a deep schism in the council and resulted in the departure of its most senior member Vartep. Vartep has gone mad with hatred for his former Salent brethren and it is feared that he is behind the Rodon uprising.


Super intelligent and highly advanced the Salent progress by "assimilating" the genome of countless species throughout the galaxy. They are generally considered the progenitors of "Prime" technology. They are governed by a high council and are overlords to numerous worlds. They appear as a type of perfected humanoid, however their true form is very different.

Starting Location:



Highly intelligent, genetic manipulations


Vulnerable during genetic manipulations

Primary Damage:

Adept at all forms however they show a preference for Psionic

Current Leader:

High Council

(Excerpt from the time logs of Rodesis of the Salent High Council)

Strange, I knew these Humans had potential. Something is different from the other thousands of sentient life forms I've encountered. Unfortunately, I seem to have dramatically underestimated them. Their grasp on our technology is nothing short of astounding. Things that took our race millennia to develop they've grasped in mere decades. I'm starting to believe we have made a grave mistake. Still, we need them. Could their genetic code be the key? Besides, if they help us rid the universe of Vartep and this Rodon army then it will be worth it.