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The Universe - Rodon

Brief History:

The scans of a Class 1 planet in the Veks 7 system showed signs of Prime, but the Salent found much more on their initial excursion to the planet. A primitive yet immensely strong and durable species caught them off guard and nearly destroyed their entire scout party. The pure physical potential that these beings possessed was unparalleled. The Salent named the planet and its primitive race "Rodon" as a symbol of strength and quickly put them to work mining the precious "Prime" from the planet's core. It was some time later that the council made a fateful decision guided by one of their senior leaders, Vartep. Never had they enhanced a race other than their own, but Vartep argued that by "enlightening" these creatures they would become more effective servants. The council consented and began enhancing the Rodon with genetic material from other intelligent species throughout the galaxy. At first, Vartep was proven correct when these experiments yielded a new Rodon that was intelligent, strong and fiercely loyal to their Salent masters. Vartep however, was not satisfied, pushing the genetic combinations further until a nearly omnipotent being who called himself "Zar" emerged from the genetic chambers. Zar's power was equaled only by his will to dominate and destroy. It took the combined strength of the entire Salent council to overcome the might of Zar and the uprising he inspired. As a warning to other would be dissenters, the Salent erected a large tomb for Zar that stands on Rodon to this day.


This race is the amalgamation of one of the strongest most durable species in the galaxy and the genetic engineering of the Salent. The Salent found this original primitive species on a planet they designated Rodon. Having been genetically engineered, the Rodon are a formidable foe with many superior attributes. The most apparent display of their strength is their very ability to defy their creators.

Starting Location:

Rodon (Area: Karg)


Powerful, durable physical form, love of battle


Vulnerable to "Prime" technology

Primary Damage:

Energy based

Current Leader:

Unknown, however lesser field commanders have been identified.

(Intercepted Transmission between Rodon Commander Daktor and an unknown leader - Translated into English)

Commander Daktor:

This planet ...Earth, must be valuable for the Salent to rescue these weak and primitive creatures. Clearly the Salent see the value of having a base planet with such proximity to Dominus. Or perhaps it is the wide variety of elements ripe for the harvesting?


No ...Salent have dozens of other planets of equal or greater abundance. Well, we always knew it would come to this. I hoped we'd have secured Dominus before taking on the full might of the Salent, but they will bend to our might regardless.

Commander Daktor:

Another thing.[break in transmission]..we've noticed them taking many of these Humans off Earth. Perhaps another of their genetic games? [LOST Transmission]