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The Universe - Human

Brief History:

After the devastating Rodon attack of Earth in 2032, the fate of humankind seemed sealed, that is until another alien race, the Salent, mysteriously intervened. The immense power of the Salent held back the Rodon onslaught. It was during this time that our new allies told us that if we were to survive, we would have to advance to a point where we could help them obliterate the Rodon war machine once and for all. The Salent then selected a handful of Humans with the "seed of greatness". These Human elite were sent to a base hidden on the moon of a distant Class 3 planet. Under the tutelage of their Salent benefactors, Humans have become a powerful faction in their own right.


Humans are a cunning and resilient faction. Once given base Prime technology, they have quickly accelerated their learning to a point far beyond the expectations of their Salent allies. Their goals are mixed but include the retaking of Earth, establishing a new colonization fittingly called "New Earth", and securing their own source of Prime.

Starting Location:

Tycho moon base


Cunning, Resourceful, Adapt quickly


Soft, undeveloped physical form

Primary Damage:


Current Leader:

General J. Parker

(Recent report given to General Parker by Solomon Blake, Lead Scientist)

We've discovered "Prime" on Earth and it has been added to the periodic table of elements under the name "Lazarite". It is easy to see how it was undetected based on our previous inability to scan beyond the Earth's crust. According to the Salent, the amount we detected is common on many planets. Harvesting it however, is hardly practical since you'd have to mine the entire planet for a usable quantity. Another thing you need to be aware of is that the Salent are no longer as forthcoming as they originally were about their technology. If we are to continue our research and our ultimate advancement, it is imperative that we secure our own supply of Prime. I'll continue scanning planets of nearby systems, but I recommend pressing the Rodon for where they get their supply of Prime. That is, if you can manage to capture one alive.