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Create or join a guild online now.

Phoenix, Arizona September 30, 2011 PitchBlack Games announced today that their guild creation tool is ready for, well, Prime time.

"We're very excited about this tool," says Warren Weems, President of PitchBlack Games. "We think guilds are one of the most important elements of our game. We know that giving guild leaders the chance to reserve their group's name and get their own Dominus URL will help them hit the ground running when we open the servers."

The tool requires players to have created an account on the Dominus website (/index.html). Once logged into the website, players navigate to and either search for an existing guild or create their own. At the end of the creation process, players create the URL for their own section of the Dominus website, complete with blog. The guilds are saved in the actual game.

Everyone with an account on is automatically entered into the beta testing database.

All guild leaders in the MMO community are invited to come reserve their guild names on the server and faction of their choice. Welcome to Dominus!

About Dominus - A science fiction massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) where players fight to control Dominus, the one planet where "Prime" is found in abundance. Help your faction advance and grow strong by securing valuable Prime. The fate of the galaxy depends on you - join up today.

About PitchBlack Games - PitchBlack Games is located in Chandler, Arizona. A tenacious team comprised of many MMO industry veterans is developing the company's first title, Dominus. Bookmark our website (/index.html), friend us on Facebook (, and follow us on Twitter (