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PitchBlack Games announces classes & skills for Prime Battle For Dominus.

Phoenix, Arizona July 1, 2011 PitchBlack Games released the first of many planned weekly "infodumps" on their upcoming MMORPG. Today's installment features the complete list of classes and abilities available at their upcoming launch.

Each of the three factions has six classes, for a total of eighteen. All new avatars start with five basic abilities upon entering the world, and gain access to new and more class-specific abilities as the avatars progress. Each class ultimately has access to a total of fifteen skills.

As players gain experience, they will earn skill points to allocate as they see fit amongst their fifteen skills. (At the higher levels - and each ability has ten levels - these abilities can affect the player's entire group.) It is not possible to maximize all fifteen skills with all available skill points, and players will need to set their own priorities.

Reallocating points will be relatively easy to do. Warren Weems, President of PitchBlack Games, said "We don't think players should be permanently tied to choices they made when they were still learning about the game. We also want people to feel free to experiment."

How will you specialize your character in Prime Battle For Dominus? How many skill points are there, and how do you earn them? See the descriptions of the classes and the lists of abilities at and join the discussions on the forums at