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The Game - Professions

Individual professions are an important part of the economy in Dominus. Almost every item in the game can be reverse engineered to obtain its schematic and therefore created by players. Even if you don't want to make the items yourself, being able to procure materials will allow you to make enough money to buy or barter for them.
Some of the best armor in the game can be created by the diligent Armortech.
The Biotech is an expert in equipment enhancement and biological augmentation. The resulting effect is a dramatic increase in personal performance.
Players will travel far and wide to purchase the weapons of a high-end Weapontech.
Harvesters are experts in identifying and extracting a planet's raw materials. While not known as a glamorous profession, some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the universe specialize in Harvesting, because as their motto states... "Those who have, set the price."
Inventors push the limits of technology, continually developing new and previously unavailable items and boosts. If the other faction's inventors (or spies) don't keep up, the entire faction will quite literally feel the pain.
An expert in different compounds and elements, the Chemist can create powerful enhancements that can turn the tide of any battle.
Soldier For Hire
These soldiers serve as protectors to other players. In return, they are paid cash rewards from the grateful government (aka the game, not a player). They are also notorious for doing whatever it takes to get the job done, which explains why many of their weapons are found only on the black market. Never send a puppy to do a wolf's job - run with a Soldier For Hire.
The Basics
  • There are varying grades of materials. - view
  • The grade of material you use in making an item determines its quality. - view
  • Carrying out your profession is accomplished by pulling up its in-game interface. - view
  • You can create items by using materials and known schematics from your library. - view
  • Only "Unique" items will not be craftable. Everything else can be reverse engineered and crafted by a player.
  • You can also acquire many schematics from other Expert NPC's or advanced players. - view
  • You can also experiment by changing one or more of the components in an existing schematic or by trying your own unique combinations. - view
  • When you successfully create an item from one of your experiments it is automatically added to your library of schematics. - view
Click Image for Professions Tutorial
About Items
  • Durability - Items have a finite lifespan.
  • There are ranges even within each quality. One rare item will more than likely have different stats from an identically produced and named rare item.
  • The skill of the crafter does play a role in determining that final stats on an item.
  • There is a skill requirements in order to make an item but not for acquiring its schematic.
  • As a faction progresses, special schematics may be introduced that advances their technology. So it is very possible for one faction to possess technology and schematics that another one does not.
  • There are schematics in the game that will be discovered through experimentation and invention. In other words, the items will not exist in the world at all until the players discover the schematics and create the items.
This is only an introduction to creating items in Dominus. Once you get started, you can experiment to find the finer nuances of each profession. There are a wide variety of professions to help you find your niche in the economy.