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The Game - Professions Details

  • The seven professions available at launch are Armortech, Weapontech, Biotech, Chemist, Inventor, Harvester, and Soldier for Hire.
  • You can do ALL professions but only specialize in one main profession.
  • You can get up to 200 out of 1000 skill levels in all professions.
  • The maximum skill for your main profession is 1000.
  • In order to obtain and advance professions, you will need to find the NPC trainers who are specialists in the profession you wish to learn.
  • You can change to a new main profession at any time, however, doing so will reset your current main profession to a maximum of 200 skill levels. (Your level won't change if you're at less than 200.)
  • Your profession skill level cannot exceed your overall skill points, meaning that you cannot be at level 200 in your profession if your character has only 199 skill points.
  • Materials can be obtained through Harvesting, Vendors, Trading or Salvaging existing items.
  • Salvaging will return the same materials made to make the item, but in diminished amounts.
  • Failed attempts to create an object will not result in the loss of materials.
  • The quality of materials used to create an item directly affect the grade of that item.

  • You can learn schematics of any skill level, but need to have the appropriate skill to be able to make an item.
  • You can reverse engineer an item to get its schematic. Please note that reverse engineering does not give you the raw materials back as in salvaging.
  • Schematics can be stolen from other factions. This is accomplished by stealth/spy classes.
  • Some items cannot be reverse engineered.

Item Grades
Grade Color
Unique Platinum
Master Gold
Rare Blue
Superior Green
Common White
Poor Red
Armortech is an important profession since armor can include enhancements to a player's base stats: Dexterity, Acuity, Strength, Intellect. The durability of the armor and the amount of damage it can take, is also affected by the armor's quality.
The Armortech makes all classes of armor. These are:
  • Ultra light
  • Combat
  • Battle
Armor covers body vitals and extremities. The available slots are:
  • Head
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Feet
This profession specializes in gear augmentation that links technology directly to the life of the user. Some of these technologies include:
  • Reactive - damages an attacker
  • Biomechanical - grants additional healing to a player
  • Resist - Grants resistances to different types of damage
Soldier for Hire
The Soldier for Hire is defined by his willingness to help others...for a price. They are also experts at finding additional items when looting or exploring areas. In addition, Soldiers for Hire are members of a unique fraternity that gives them access to different gear and weapons.
Soldier for Hire Services:
  • Missions
  • Killing mobs that give experience
  • Completing difficult content
  • Exploring new areas
As with the Armortech, items created by the Weapontech can include boosts to Dexterity, Acuity, Strength, and Intellect. The skill of the Weapontech also affects the overall durability, damage and speed of the weapons created.
The weapontech specializes in making weapons of the following types:
  • 1 Handed
  • 2 Handed
  • Bladed
  • Pistol
  • Rifle
  • Heavy
  • Staff
This profession specializes in creating a variety of technological items. These items include jetpacks, harvesters, tools, tech components (used by other professions), shields. Inventors also push the technology level of a faction by helping to discover new schematics in many different disciplines.
The Chemist can create items that directly enhance a player granting them additional healing, invisibility, resistances, and energy over a period of time.
Harvesters are masters of obtaining and optimizing materials. Those who pick Harvester as their main profession can expect:
  • Improved Salvaging - more materials are preserved when you salvage an item.
  • Improved Refining - able to create a higher grade of material with less of the lower grade.
  • The option to use the better harvesters (one that harvest faster and hold more) created by inventors.
  • The act of Harvesting itself gives profession skill points.
  • More harvesters can be purchased and operated simultaneously.