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The Game


Dominus is a science fiction Massively Multiplayer Online Game. Its story will evolve over time, but at the center of it all is the interplanetary struggle between Earth and two other alien races.

3 Playable Factions

Ally with three totally unique factions. Whether you choose Human or one of the two alien factions, Rodon or Salent, each has its own perspective on the current events in the game.

Character Progression

Everything you do adds to your overall skill. Start the game as an elite Human, a genetically engineered Rodon, or a nascent Salent and build your character into a powerful avatar.

Huge Universe

Explore 11 worlds with over 25 large seamless areas. Don't be fooled by the beauty of the planets of Dominus. Each has its own mysteries to discover and its own danger.

Massive Battles

Join the struggle for dominance by establishing bases, stopping invading forces and braving war torn planets.


By specializing in one of 7 professions you can discover new inventions, construct incredible items, develop enhancements, and make your character rich beyond belief.


Whether you follow the story that develops around you or decide to just explore on your own, your skills will be put to the test with exciting missions.

GM driven content

One of the main attractions of a massively multiplayer game is that you play with real people! Many player encounters are conducted by real players and are not just elaborately scripted events.

Strategic Base System

Establish a foothold for your faction and take control of valuable resources in the game by calling in any one of 7 different base structures. Each structure has a different function in strengthening your factions position. Be ever wary, each of the other factions will take every opportunity to destroy your bases and deploy their own.

Amazing Graphics and Sound

Dominus is designed to look great on most modern PC's. The sound and music is also important to the overall feel of the game and has been done by professionals with many AAA titles to their credits.