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About The Rek
A modification of the Construct form, the Rek is a combination of impressive size and precision. It can hone in on enemies from great distances and continue a ranged assault that weakens most opponents before they are in range to do damage.
Strength: Ranged Weapon Attacks Height: 6'2" - 7'4" Armor Type: Ultra LightCombatBattle 12345 Melee Weapons:       Ranged Weapons:      
Class Abilities
Base Abilities

  • Biofuse

  • Batter

  • Point Fire

  • Merciless Aim

  • Transfer Damage

Advanced Abilities

  • Cruel Blow

  • Swiftness

  • Hyper Strike

  • Hyper Shot

  • Incendiary Shot

  • Warp

  • Improved Sighting

  • Override

  • Camouflage

  • Blast Wave