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Hunter Killer

About The Hunter Killer
One of the most feared classes, the Hunter Killer is commonly referred to as "Invisible Death". It has a wide variety of special abilities to choose from which makes it an extremely unpredictable opponent. Many important missions are left in the able hands of the Hunter Killer.
Strength: High Damage, Versatile Special Attacks Height: 6'2" - 7'4" Armor Type: Ultra LightCombatBattle 12345 Melee Weapons:       Ranged Weapons:      
Class Abilities
Base Abilities

  • Biofuse

  • Impale

  • Micro Dart

  • Stealth

  • Maul

Advanced Abilities

  • Ambush

  • Scout Bot

  • Wicked Strike

  • Dart

  • Flashbang

  • Subdue Beast

  • Shred

  • Override

  • Track

  • Disrupt Shield