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About The Berzerker
The Berzerker is the embodiment of pure physical rage. Few have ever seen a Berzerker up close and lived to tell about it. They can deal an insane amount of damage up close. In addition to their damage dealing abilities the Berzerker was also engineered for resilience, easily making it the strongest of the Rodon army.
Strength: Melee Weapon Attacks Height: 6'8" - 8'6" Armor Type: Ultra LightCombatBattle 12345 Melee Weapons:       Ranged Weapons:      
Class Abilities
Base Abilities

  • Biofuse

  • Bash

  • Aimed Attack

  • Swiftness

  • Intercept

Advanced Abilities

  • Deflect

  • Fortify

  • Vicious Strike

  • Vicious Shot

  • Incapacitate

  • Adrenaline Rush

  • Insanity

  • Override

  • Headbutt

  • Revenge