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About The Antelis
The Antelis is the class that utilizes Prime technology to it's fullest. As such, they have powerful control of the elements and can manipulate them to do their bidding. Many of their most powerful abilities involve protecting their group members or unleashing devastating destruction.
Strength: Group Support, Elemental Control Height: 6'2" - 7'4" Armor Type: Ultra LightCombatBattle 12345 Melee Weapons:       Ranged Weapons:      
Class Abilities
Base Abilities

  • Biofuse

  • Clip

  • Shock

  • Tangle

  • Ion Cloud

Advanced Abilities

  • Modify Weapon

  • Anti Gravity Field

  • Shocking Blow

  • Shock Bolt

  • Cloaking Field

  • Antimatter Cloud

  • Super Nova

  • Override

  • Overload

  • Virulent Cloud