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Bounty Hunting


KOS (kill on sight) lists scribbled on sticky notes by your computer. Impotent spluttering after someone kills you when you were just running to rejoin your group. Slinking away in defeat, after multiple deaths trying to pry some range abusing cloaker off his perch. None of that is fun. What is fun is placing a bounty on the head of your enemy, and watching your friends vie for the privilege of killing the son of an irradiated invader for you. It's also fun collecting the bounties for ridding the world (however temporarily) of other such nuisances. Which is the most fun? Check out our system, and you decide.
(Today's date is 1/5/2012, and the following description is subject to testing, feedback, and further development.)

Placing Bounties

Place a bounty on anyone through an NPC for any amount (limit of four offered bounties at a time - you can find what you've placed in your mission log). You'll be charged a small fee that varies depending on how long you want the bounty to be active, and the amount of the bounty will be removed from your inventory and held in escrow. You'll get the money back if no one makes the kill during the active period.

Accepting Bounties

The NPC that accepts bounties will also give them out. You can have up to four active bounties in your mission log. Bounty lists show the target's name, level, race, and class, as well as who offered the bounty and when it expires. If one target has several bounties on his head, the bounties will display separately. You may choose to accept several, and receive several bonuses at once when you kill him - but they will all count against your maximum of four in your mission log. Up to ten people can accept a particular bounty at a time.

Hunting For Bounties

If the target is online, the name of the zone he is in will be displayed to you.

Collecting Bounties

Make the kill, get the money on the spot. After you collect, all the other players who accepted the bounty will have it removed from their mission log.

So You've Become a Target

There is no limit to the number of bounties that can be placed on your head.

What Might The Future Hold?

*If* we get the development time, future upgrades to Bounty Hunting may include using those in the Soldier For Hire profession to assist you in tracking down targets, shared missions, bodyguards, reverse rewards (targets who survive the bounty duration get a cut of the bounty) and more.

The developers would like to thank the Dominus forum community for their valuable contributions to the discussion of the system.